Monthly Archives: June 2015

Dear world, welcome to my rather obscure life

I think it’s fair to say, as I sit here writing this on my slowly dying laptop at the kitchen table, that I have no idea what I’m doing. Lots of people I know have blogs and seem to write very interesting compelling stories about their lives and experiences, storytelling their lives through online blogs. Some people use them to communicate with certain people in their lives, others use them to comment on happenings in the world, certain individuals to review products or services they’ve used. I’m not sure anything I have to say is that thrilling really but I just felt like rambling; if nothing else, it’s a way of getting things out of my system. While I’m doing that, you’re reading this and can maybe find some comedy in my tales, even if they’re boring and pointless, just like this one.

I think another reason for doing this is to practice my ICT skills. Anyone who knows me will know that my computing skills, even after a lot of hard work on everyone else’s part, are still shockingly bad, as this will probably show. But oh well, I can only try. And try I will.

Who am I? I’m an 18-year-old totally blind female student living on the South Coast of the UK. I recently completed my A Levels at the Royal National Colege (previously the Royal National College for the Blind but no longer holding that vital b) in Hereford. It is an interesting place to study and it certainly taught me a fair few things, though not always the good things I was expecting from it. Whilst there, in my first year I met my now fiancé and also a girl who became my new sister. Despite everything that lacked at the college, I will always be thankful for the great people I met there, including my fiancé and sister. I enjoy playing blind cricket for Hampshire Visually Impaired Cricket Club. I’ve never been a sporty person, and I don’t think I’ll ever be one either, but I really enjoy blind cricket for Hampshire’s VI team. The people I play with are lovely individuals and I’m blessed to have had the always welcoming and ever supportive team I do. Of course, Hampshire VICC wouldn’t be the team they are without our fantastic captain, a man so  tall I might as well be a mouse. He’s a rather lovely fellow, always full of jokes and songs and always, no matter how bad the game has gone, able to put a smile on our faces afterwards. Another thing that is very close to my heart is Liverpool Football Club and all that it stands for. Although I’m not personally from Merseyside, I feel very strongly about LFC and have been a supporter all my life. My father, mother, godfather, cousin and plenty of others in my family were LFC fans long before I even existed so it was only right that I too followed the mighty Redmen of the Mersey. Growing up watching and hearing about players such as Stevie Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, reading the autobiographies of legends such as king Kenny Dalglish and god Robbie Fowler, feeling the love and admiration that  surrounded me for the club made me know I was an LFC fan tooo, LFC till I die.

One thing I can promise from this rather pointless blog that I have no idea how to use is that I’ll always be honest. During certain times in my 18 years, I’ve had to keep my tongue securely in my mouth and refrain from saying the things I really want to; well not on here. “Why?” you may ask with widening eyes as you read this (if whoever you are bothers to). The simple answer is: “Je suis foole!”. Words are there to be spoken so why shouldn’t they be?